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What does FAQ mean anyway?

Short for "Frequently Asked Questions" - Saves us 1-finger typists a whopping 23 letters.

I don't really care about any of this stuff - can I just have my web designer/office manager/teenager deal with it?

There's no reason you need to learn a new trade just to get a website up. You concentrate on what you do well - we'll be happy to deal with whoever you designate to take care of this on your behalf. If you'd prefer, we can do the entire thing - from registering a new domain name to building and launching the site. You can order the champagne for the launch party.

I've got broadband at my office - can I just host my website there?

You can certainly try hosting a small personal website, but for a professional website this is not recommended. First off, you'll need a dedicated static IP - most home/office broadband connections don't provide this. Your website needs to be available 24 hours a day - you don't want it knocked offline because the coffee maker blew a fuse. In addition, configuring a web server and guarding against constant virus and hacker threats can be a full-time job. SilverType web servers are housed in a secure, fully managed data center with backup power and monitored constantly by professional technicians.

Hosting Company XX offers plans at $7.95. Can you match that?

No. We do not try to compete with mass-market commodity hosting. These kinds of companies regularly over-sell their capacity. We purposely limit the number of clients on each server to optimize performance, and provide superior personalized support. If you find a cheaper deal, then by all means go with it. But remember this is your image - your only chance for a first impression. Server stability, fast response (ie: pages that load quickly), the right features, and good technical support are more important than having the lowest price.

Hosting Company XX offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. Why do you limit it?

Until someone invents the infinite hard drive, there is no such thing as unlimited storage. Bandwidth is also not free. Companies claiming to offer it are gambling that you never actually try to use it. Most reputable data centers actually forbid this practise, so chances are the companies advertising it will not be around for long.
Remember also that, unless you pay a substantial sum for your own dedicated server, you're going to be sharing resources with several other websites. Do you really want to share a limited resource with sites offering MP3 downloads or streaming video of wardrobe malfunctions? SilverType servers are carefully load-balanced to ensure that adequate resources are available to all users. We personally review all prospective clients, and expressly forbid adult content, software and music downloads, and any other content likely to detrimentally affect server performance. See our Policies page for more details.

My website is already with Company XX. I don't know how to 'move' it.

No problem. We'll be happy to move it for you. It's pretty painless, but we may need you to dig through your old emails for the password. For larger sites with custom database or CGI programs, we offer custom programming to convert and modernize your applications.

I just renewed my domain name for 5 years - do I have to move it again?

No, if you've already renewed, or are happy with your current registrar, there's no need to move. You simply ask your registrar to point to a new "name server. We'll ba happy to help you with this at no charge.
Alternatively, if you're like many people and paying exhorbitant rates for your .com daomain, we can move it to our preferred registrar at very competitive rates. And we'll do the move for free.

Can I check my email via the web while I'm on the road?

Yes. You can check your email from any browser, anywhere, and download it all when you get back to your office.

What happens if I run over my allotted bandwidth - does my website shut down?

Absolutely not. We know there will be times when some client needs to download several large files, or you website just gets extra busy. Occasional overages are no problem, and there is generally no extra charge. However, if you consistently average more than your allowance, we'll suggest you upgrade to a service plan that better matches your needs. Extra bandwidth and/or storage can also be purchased ala carte. Please contact us for more information.

Will I have access to my visitor log files?

Yes, we maintain full transfer and referrer logs. A number of online tools are available for checking your stats (see a sample), or you can download logs to be analyzed by programs such as WebTrends. Logs are rotated weekly, so be sure to download or archive your logs regularly.

Do I have to pay SilverType every time I want to change my site?

No - your website is yours. You or your web designer have unrestricted 24/7 access to add or change anything. You can use tools such as DreamWeaver or Frontpage, FTP or Fetch. For simpler updates, we provide a web-based editor that doesn't require any knowledge of HTML. Of course, if you'd prefer to have us take care of things, we'll be happy to discuss a variety of maintenance arrangements.

Do you provide 24/7 support?

Do you? No, honestly we sleep too, probably more or less the same time as most people here on the West Coast, and we don't generally anticipate you'll need to make sudden changes at 4 am very often. However, our web servers are housed in a secure, fully managed facility with round-the-clock, 24/7, 365 days a year professional staff. Please see the Support page for support times and contact information.

Where are your servers? What sort of connectivity do you have?

Our servers are located in a state of the art datacenter in Miami, with a backup facility in Atlanta. The main datacenter features 9 separate backbone connections to the Internet, fully redundant and meshed network, fault-tolerant electrical grid, and both battery and diesel generator power backup. And just in case you're worried, the building itself is located above the 100-year hurricane flood line.

Can I use PHP or CGI programs? What about ASP?

Yes, PHP and cgi-bin can be added free of charge to your site. ASP is available on our Windows servers.
However, please note:
* We cannot provide support for custom programs we have not supplied
* You may not install programs that compromise the integrity or security of the server, or consume excessive resources. We reserve the right to remove these programs if necessary to ensure the proper operation of our servers.

Can I add a database?

Yes, you can add databases to your site, accessible via cgi or PHP/ASP. mySQL and SQL Server databases are alco available. Please contact us if you or your web developer have specific requirements.

Can I create a mailing list?

Yes, all accounts include the ability to create a mailing list - suitable for a small club or discussion group. But please note that you should be very careful in sending mass emails; in general you should only send email to people who have specifically asked to receive mail from you. SilverType's ZERO TOLERANCE policy does not allow the sending of unsolicited email or SPAM - violation of this rule will result in bad karma, as well as instant cancellation of offending accounts. We offer an easy-to-use and very economical service specifically for legal, anti-spam-compliant Email Marketing. If you have any questions about the suitability of a planned email campaign, please contact us and we'll be happy to advise you. See our Policies page for full details.

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